Double Hang

Eight Feet of Hanging Plus Shelves for Purses, Shoes, Etc.!

Revolver Unit – Double Hang :

1. Revolver Unit solution maximizes storage capacity in any corner you want.
2. 360 Degree Revolving System is obtained by manually rotating the module smoothly.
3. The unit consists of two 24″ rods on the front and two 24″ rods on the back in a double hang configuration, for a total of 8 feet of hanging space, with crescent shaped shelving on the sides.
4. Dimensions of adjustable shelves are 28-3/8″ W x 6-1/14″ D.
5. System height of 84″, 90” or 94” is placed into a 42″ x 42″ corner.
6. Available in multiple colors.

System Dimensions:

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